Side Effects

Side Effects-Descending Rabbit Holes Review


Don’t Contradict The Facts comes in with a snarling riff, the vocals soar around as the melody drives the song, the story weaved perfectly. In The Shadow Of A Crumbled Fort produces a snake like riff, driven by energy and grit, ensuring that the listener is hooked, the vocals come in like a taunt. Scratch The Surface moves eclectically through different dimensions producing some fascinating leads and shifts. Colorblind moves with grace and speed, swagger coming in depth. Don’t Turn Away is slower, thoughtful, and provoking, allowing the vocals to really show off. Diversion is a rocker, with a funky riff, and some nice groove.

The Siren Song is a thumping groove, with some really powerful riffs and energy in the vocals, making this a standout song on a record filled with standout songs. Hideout is a nice groove, snaking from one edge to the next. Obituary of Common Sense is slower, psychedelic and powerful, with snaking melodies and whispering riffs. Lint is back on the rocker footing, producing riff after riff of power. Recoil is slower, with emphasis on the funky, bluesy riffs, and snarling vocals.

The album is out via Rockshots Records on 28th September.

The Terrirotitories

The Terrirotitories Review


Numb Somehow comes in old fashioned, with the guitar leading the way and the vocals painting an image of something bleak, with an ounce of hope. Green Eyes does something similar. New Thing is pounding, old time, feel good, but with a hint of sadness. Quiet Voices speaks as an anthem, with its guitars leading and the melodies courageous. Bigger They Come is all about this and that, with an infectious groove. There and Gone is thoughtful.

Heart That Breaks is a heartbreaker set to a pounding rhythm. Roman Walls is another thoughtful and experimental song. On With The Show is a rocker. Standing In Place varies the tempo and instrumentation and keeps people hooked on the melodies. Wolves is a rocker, with a blinding riff.

The album is out 7th September via Pirate Press Records.


Overhung-King of Dreams


King of Dreams the new single from one of India’s finest bands kicks off with a nice little fuzz of a riff, before the call to arms comes in, with group chants, a nice little swaggering drum beat and some catchy melodies, a ballsy riff. This is definitely one to get the people going.

The single is out now via Test Your Metal Records.

Second Sun

Second Sun- Eländes Elände Review

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Vems Fel kicks things off, with the sound of wind and a storm, the guitars come in with a nice little jangling riff, powering the sense that there is more to things, the song then moves into a nice little rocker, powered by a grooving melody and some powerful vocals. Forneka Alt dances and slithers, led by a grooving riff and a pounding rhythm section. Noll Respekt is a rocker from the beacons of Hocus Pocus led by a nice organ riff, and balanced by a groove. Sang till is a rocker, guitars and hammond organ battling it out with one another for supremacy. Enda is another rocker, dancing and shiver on the back of a dance between guitar and hammond.

Ingen Tid Fo is led by a powerful grooving riff, backed by a solid melody and a nice little incantation back and forth. Du Ska is another groover, a mover that wouldn’t be out of place in the Seventies night scene. Det Betyeder Alt is slower, more refined and definitely more psychedelic. Pankia? Is a rocker moving from space to space with power and drive. Ela? Is a rocker, powering through, grooving and riffing from point to point.

The album is out 21st September via Gaphals.

Event Relentless

Event Relentless-Event Relentless Review

Shadows comes rearing out from the gate with some big riffs, piercing and thunderous. It’s a rocker, with piercing melodies and groove. Nordic Mindset starts off quite interestingly, with a nice little play, before moving into the groove with some fat riffs, and piercing melodies and solid drum work.

Nameless pounds its way into being, with some serious good riffage work, and some nice little plays on classic melodies. Hey Girl is softer, a nice little ballad/cheesy song that gets the listener tapping their foot.

The EP is out now.

Dream Patrol

Dream Patrol-Phantoms Of The Past Review

dream patrol - pahntoms of the past.jpg

Dream Patrol kicks things off with a solid one two, meaty punch, anthemic, and definitely a number that is going to get the crowd going when performed live. Get Back Home is similar, though slightly slower and more reflective. Tattooed Millionaire from Panama has real Van Halen grooves, and as such swings and dances from point to point. The Shortest Straw swings, flits, and taunts. Phantoms Of The Past is a rocker, big guitar licks, and some serious vocal work. Lost Child is softer, and more reflective with the instrumentation reflective of the vocals.

Stand Up and Fight has fast paced riffs, and anthems in the chorus and vocals, some serious rockiness. Time Is A Healer is slower and more thoughtful, a ballad as it were, but with added bite. Piece of Paradise is anthemic, with big choral vocals, and a huge riff. Is That The Thanks I Get is slower, a cynical take on things, and a very fitting vocal line. Playing With Fire is filled with energy, hard rocking power, and solid vocal performances. Haunted Tower is a groover, with some nice little flicks and flourishes, a fitting closer.

The album is out on 21st September via Mighty Music.

Rolled Up Sleeves

Rolled Up Sleeves- Pointless Review

Rolled Up Sleeves - Pointless.jpg

They’ve been compared to the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes and on this EP, the band really show off their chops. Happy and Alone has some very good phasing riffs, and some serious bite, the riffs are on point, the vocals are filled with energy, really you can be sure they’re going places.  Junkie In Disguise is slower, filled with more sludge and darker freneticism, than Happy and Alone, and as such swings and gloats with the best of them.

Sell My Soul is trippy, slightly elemental, and definitely infused with some dark stuff. Grooving and an invitation for more subtle art forms. Pointless is furious, grooving, rocking and downright heavy, some serious shifts and turns, definitely a fitting closer.

The EP is out 1st September via Mighty Music.

Junkyard Drive

Junkyard Drive-Black Coffee Review

Junkyard Drive - black coffee.jpg

Time is Over begins slowly, with the acoustic guitar filtering in, when the vocals come in, there’s a real sense that something epic is about to kick off. That is proven right by the end of the first verse, when the guitars turn heavy and the drive comes kicking in. Sweet Little Dreamer is a little epic, a little bit grooving, filled with swagger and dance. Sucker For Your Love is bluesy with a hint of edge and bite, there’s some definite classic rock grooves filtering their way through. Make Up Your Mind is filled with energy, some sweltering riffs, and some seriously epic vocal lines, this is sure to be an epic one. Backseat Baby has some serious edge with the riffs bringing the pace and setting the tempo, there is some groove, and drive, the desire to bang one’s head is strong. Way Too Long is thoughtful, an edge and a nod toward something different and intriguing.

Through the Door is softer song with some serious melody and groove, bringing the focus solely on the vocals, something that allows them to really shine through. Same Old Story has that sludge feeling, telling the story of something that is well known to those who suffer from one type of issue or another, the struggle to keep going. Wasted Nights is filled with drive, swagger and some serious grit, bringing home the truth. Where I Belong is an anthem, a call and response that plays on the listener’s desire to sing along and be part of the gang. See You Next Time shakes, shimmers, and roars, bringing the album to a fitting close.

The album is out on 1st September via Mighty Music.

Kissin Dynamite

Kissin’ Dynamite-Ecstasy Review

Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy.jpg

The groovers are back, with I’ve Got The Fire coming in hard, with the acoustic guitar, dancing, snarling and most importantly grooving its way into being. It’s a real feel good song and one that is sure to get the crowd moving when performed live. You’re Not Alone is another anthem in the making, the guitars fit perfectly with the call and response type vocal. Somebody’s Gotta Do It is another rocker, big and bold. Ecstasy is filled with fun riffs, and melodies, dancing across the song throughout and ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Still Around is a nice little ditty that travels melodies, patterns, and is hopeful, the vocals are very much in tune with the song. Superhuman is a monster, filled with harmonies on the guitars and some nice vocal works, its a rocker plain and simple. Placebo is another groover, filled with big riffs and even bigger vocals.

Breaking The Silence grooves, and moves with big bouncing riffs, and dancing vocals, a real heavyweight. Waging War is another song that has fire and fury in it, from the guitars, to the vocals. It’s a serious tune to get grooving to. One More Time is a nice little ditty, filled with big riffs and snarling vocals. Heart of Stone is an interesting number, part ballad, part old western, it is sure too get traction when performed live. Wild Wind is an anthem, filled with some interesting hooks and notes. No Time To Wonder is a rocker to finish.

The album is out on 6th July via Metal Blade Records.


Barros-More Humanity Please


My Everything is filled with a rocky tempo, reminiscent of Whitesnake, before they went too poppy, it has energy and huge choruses. Disconnect is filled with heavy riffs, grooving and dancing, snaking around. My King is another riff heavy song, filled with energy, swagger and power. Take Me is slower, more epic, filled with big guitars and dancing melodies. Tearing is another slow song, a bit of a ballad it allows the vocals to show off just how good they are.

When It Rains, It Pours is a dance in the feel good rock song with the dancing melodies, that have another story to them. Live is an interesting take on the melodic vocal pastures of Aerosmith, and the haunting guitars of REM. A Love has got the riffs packed through, and some serious energy to it as well. A real winner. More Humanity Please is a slower, more thoughtful song, with the vocals and instrumentation fitting one another perfectly. How Does is a rocker, quick paced and energetic.

The album is out on 29th June via Rockshots Records.