The Terrirotitories Review

Numb Somehow comes in old fashioned, with the guitar leading the way and the vocals painting an image of something bleak, with an ounce of hope. Green Eyes does something similar. New Thing is pounding, old time, feel good, but with a hint of sadness. Quiet Voices speaks as an anthem, with its guitars leading... Continue Reading →

Overhung-King of Dreams

King of Dreams the new single from one of India's finest bands kicks off with a nice little fuzz of a riff, before the call to arms comes in, with group chants, a nice little swaggering drum beat and some catchy melodies, a ballsy riff. This is definitely one to get the people going. The... Continue Reading →

Second Sun- Eländes Elände Review

Vems Fel kicks things off, with the sound of wind and a storm, the guitars come in with a nice little jangling riff, powering the sense that there is more to things, the song then moves into a nice little rocker, powered by a grooving melody and some powerful vocals. Forneka Alt dances and slithers,... Continue Reading →

Event Relentless-Event Relentless Review

Shadows comes rearing out from the gate with some big riffs, piercing and thunderous. It's a rocker, with piercing melodies and groove. Nordic Mindset starts off quite interestingly, with a nice little play, before moving into the groove with some fat riffs, and piercing melodies and solid drum work. Nameless pounds its way into being,... Continue Reading →

Dream Patrol-Phantoms Of The Past Review

Dream Patrol kicks things off with a solid one two, meaty punch, anthemic, and definitely a number that is going to get the crowd going when performed live. Get Back Home is similar, though slightly slower and more reflective. Tattooed Millionaire from Panama has real Van Halen grooves, and as such swings and dances from... Continue Reading →

Rolled Up Sleeves- Pointless Review

They've been compared to the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes and on this EP, the band really show off their chops. Happy and Alone has some very good phasing riffs, and some serious bite, the riffs are on point, the vocals are filled with energy, really you can be sure they're going places.  Junkie In... Continue Reading →

Junkyard Drive-Black Coffee Review

Time is Over begins slowly, with the acoustic guitar filtering in, when the vocals come in, there's a real sense that something epic is about to kick off. That is proven right by the end of the first verse, when the guitars turn heavy and the drive comes kicking in. Sweet Little Dreamer is a... Continue Reading →

Kissin’ Dynamite-Ecstasy Review

The groovers are back, with I've Got The Fire coming in hard, with the acoustic guitar, dancing, snarling and most importantly grooving its way into being. It's a real feel good song and one that is sure to get the crowd moving when performed live. You're Not Alone is another anthem in the making, the... Continue Reading →

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