Tygers Of Pan Tang-Ritual

They formed one of the key bands in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they've experienced some turbulence, but now they're back, and they're back with an absolute blinder of an album. Tygers of Pan Tang, the legends who helped redefine a genre, and inspired countless more, are back. "Worlds Apart," the opening song... Continue Reading →

Ritual-Trials Of Torment

"She Rides the Sky," is a pounding thrashing monster, that delivers in great leaps and bounds. "Where I Belong," contains some interesting shifts and changes. Bringing about a nice rhythm to the entire proceeding and ensuring the listener is kept thoroughly engrossed throughout. "Espionage," is pure heaviness. It moves and shirks and dances within and... Continue Reading →

Oomph-Ritual! Review

"Tausend," starts proceedings off with a car engine, and moves into a blistering riff that snakes and crawls through the ground, taking no prisoners. "Achtung! Achtung!" A snorker of a song, weaving interesting elements and theories together to create something spell binding. "Kein Liebslied," a song with haunting gothic melodies that takes from one end... Continue Reading →

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