Dethonator- Race Against The Sun Review

“When Lucifer Fell,” a harmonious introduction, bringing the hell to the fore. Guitars jagged into beautiful melodies. The East Midlands band bring their thunder to the fore once more. The song jives together well. “Nightmare City,” a harmonious lead guitar duel, brought together with solid melodies to ensure the chaos of metal brings life to something new. “Burial Ground,” is classic thrash metal, with a piercing riff and a shouting vocal melody. “Ulflag,” a snorting growling monster. “Ghost of the Rolling Horizon.” is epic, bringing growling, snorting and snarling together for one hell of a venture.

“The Hangman,” a softer, melodical interlude with the heaviness intertwined with the melodical arrangements. “Pyroclastic,” a feel good monster riffer. “Narcisside,” monster melodies mixed together with something all together more heavier and grittier. “Terror By Night,” is pure heaviness. “Sharps Cairn,” a fitting closer with some serious groove and riffage.

The album is out on 1st February via Pavement Entertainment.