CoreLeoni II

"Waltz," starts things off quite nicely. The arrangements shift and change with a collection of movements, showing off some fantastic melodies and arrangements. "Standing In The Light," has some serious riffage to kick things off. Thundering together and through the lines of the past. The vocals snarl and bite, the song truly kicks off into... Continue Reading →


"Don't Say You Love Me," comes in with that fat synth intro and you just know that it's going to be a fun song. The song swaggers around and the vocals and guitars meet one another in their little exchange for favours quite nicely. "Shelter of the Night," keeps up the form with the synth... Continue Reading →

Laid Back Townies-II Review

"Drop Dead Woman," is sludgy and grooving, with the right elements and the right sort of heaviness in one go. "Who Knows," classic rock mixed in together for a modern day feeling. "Sin City," fast and grooving with a slick riff. "Ghost," more relaxing and reflective, never quite straying far from the path. "True Grit,"... Continue Reading →

Dunbarrow-II Review

"On Your Trail," provides some interesting edges. The guitar riffs are leading the song, dancing around the darkness, whilst the vocals provide some serious clarity to what's happening. "Please Let Me Be," slowly builds into something epic. It snarls around the darkness, edging along whilst the melodies come out full blast, ensuring the listener is... Continue Reading →

Creatures- II Review

Old Style FA is chaotic. What Would Rick Sanchez Do is an interesting mix. Samara is similar. Broken Anchors also a similar pattern. Safe Space is chaotic and neutral, blending elements together.

Leather-II Review

Leather Leone is a legend in the metal industry, she burst onto the scene in 1985, recording vocals for David T Chastain, she then recorded her own album entitled Shock Waves in 1989, and now twenty-nine years later, she's back with another quality album in II. With her years in the music industry adding weight... Continue Reading →

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