"Odin," guttural and aggressive. "Deyoir," slow melodic and thoughtful. The album is out on 12th April via Metal Blade.

Hamfero Interview

1.   What was the inspiration behind the name of the band, and what are your influences? Jón: The term “hamferð” is a well-known part of Faroese history and folklore. It refers to the appearance of a person - either dead or in peril of death – as a vision before someone else, often a loved one... Continue Reading →

Hamfero Tamsins-Review

It is very rare that one finds a band that can produce something so chilling inspiring that it makes you listen to it on repeat. Hamfero are one such band. Hailing from mystical lands, Hamfero have produced some of the best metal to come out in a long time. The cover of their new album... Continue Reading →

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