PRETTY MAIDS Undress Your Madness

"Intro/Serpentine," is a song that moves with fluidity. Turning and shifting on the edge, bringing together some fascinating melodies and a rip roaring guitar line that makes the listener shiver with anticipation. "Firesoul Fly," has a more classical feel to it. Dangling around the corners and the edges, it grows into something more powerful as... Continue Reading →

Cirith Ungol-I’m Alive

Cirith Ungol are absolute legends. They started off in the early 70s, and are one of the pioneers of heavy metal. Their career is somewhat synonymous with the genre. They've had huge successes, built a following around the world, all while remaining underground and being ignored by the arrogant mainstream media, and whilst they've suffered... Continue Reading →

Nightglow-Rage of a Bleeding Society

"Thy Flesh Consumed," is haunting, and somewhat terrifying, and the riffs are on point. "X," is a galloping riff monster, taking to the skies and showering the listener with the glorious riffage of all time. "Circus of the Damned," is chaotic, frenetic and downright energetic. "Fuck@Looza," is sarcastic, mechanic and somewhat entertaining, turning through the... Continue Reading →

Frontback-Don’t Mind the Noise

"Intro/Fearless," is a song that really shows off the skills of the band. It's a hellraiser with a lion's edge that delivers the taut ideology and rubs it into being. "Let's Play Rock N Roll," is a hardcore rocker, turning through and shifting the scope slightly, allowing for some great sing alongs. "I Arrive When... Continue Reading →

Andy Gillion-Neverafter

"Nocturne," starts off as though it is a night time melody, it gradually grows into a monster that unleashes a shredding beast into the world. "Becoming the Nightmare," is a masterpiece pure and simple, the rhythms are down right on point, the leads shred through and truly it is a bit of face melting metal... Continue Reading →

METAL DE FACTO Imperium Romanum

"The Conqueror," soars through on the back of some serious shredding riffs, twisting through and battering the listener into something that shows off great power and pleasure. " Legionnaires’ Oath," a galloping masterpiece that twists through the shining, bringing together some elements that keep the world alive, brimming filled with light and energy. "Naturalis Historia,"... Continue Reading →

RustX- Centre of the Universe

"Defendre Le Rock," starts as all good rock songs with the staccato rhythm of the guitars, as the bass then slowly kicks in, and then another guitar comes in with some serious grooves. Jiving through the wind and changing the course of things into something seriously groovy. "Running Man," gives it a real go. The... Continue Reading →

Dimman – 152

"Capsized Reverie," grooves right from the get go. It grooves hard and fast, shifting through with great mettle. The synths add something that really gets the listener going. "152," is haunting and terrifyingly pin point accurate with the riffs and the melodies that shift through it. "The History," shimmers in the glowing light, brimming with... Continue Reading →


"The Lament," kicks things off, with a clean introduction, the song gradually builds in a crescendo that takes the turn and the twist of the knife through the world. "Nightbound," moves quickly through, with the clean licks turning to the darkness, before the heaviness comes in and twists the sky. "Lady Death," a formenting and... Continue Reading →

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