Midnight-Rebirth By Blasphemy

"Fucking Speed and Darkness," is pure carnage. Unleashing hell on earth through the ungodly riffs, it simply delivers. "Rebirth By Blasphemy," the title track, is an absolute monster. Tearing through the structures of the world and empowering the listener to embark on a journey. "Escape The Grave," rolls with the thunder. "Devil's Excrement," rolls hard... Continue Reading →

Cooper Philip-Exceptional Feelings

"Exceptional Feelings," has some intricate melodies woven into its fabric. The vocals are soaring and filled with a soulful energy that really grasps the listener and makes them want to hear more. The lyrics are filled with energy and a passion that is missing elsewhere in the genre. A brilliant song. Listen to it here:... Continue Reading →

THRONE OF IRON – Adventure One

"A Call To Adventure," is powerful. It sets the scene just right, moving with great strength and prosperity through the shifting strands of time. "Past The Doors of Death," is simply epic. It starts off simply and then bounds through into the ethereal realms. "Dark Shrine of Rituals," takes the time to truly get things... Continue Reading →


"Roadrunner," moves with frenzy and gets the listener going. "Succubus," is heavy and moving with pace and gratitude. "Ivory Wave," filters through and delivers on the energy of promise and time. "Fading TO Grey," grows with power and might. "Estranged," roars powerfully through the timewave. "Archaic Approach," slithers through, and dangles on the edge of... Continue Reading →

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