Rage-Wings Of Rage

Heavy metal legends Rage return with a brand spanking new album entitled Wings of Rage. An album that is sure to delight their fans, both old and new.

Ironflame-Blood Red Victory

U.S. Heavy Metal Warriors IRONFLAME will release its third full-length album, Blood Red Victory, February 7 on Divebomb Records (CD) and Metalworld Switzerland (vinyl and cassette).

Blind Revolution-Money, Love Light

“Money, Love, Light” is exactly what you want to hear from a melodic hard rock album. Drawing inspiration from the legendary bands of this genre of music, Blind Revolution laid their personal touch to every single note in order to find their place in the new Rock ’n’ Roll music scene.

Jeremy Lawler-Last To Fall

Jeremy Lawler, the former leader of UK Metal band Winter's Edge returns with a new single entitled 'Last To Fall,' featuring guest musicians from Symphony X, Winter's Edge and End of Salvation.

Tall Heights-Under Your Skin

"Under Your Skin," a song for the new generation. It is slow moving, and somewhat haunting. It takes a twisting pathway through the shaking melodies into a burning light through a ground swell. As the song progresses, there's a sense of the collective moving together and bringing together new changes for the future. Listen here:... Continue Reading →

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