Gloryhammer-Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex


“Into The Terrovortex,” starts off this ambitious and swaggering thing with so much pomp. “The Siege of Dunkeld,” moves with a growling riff and a vocal performance to rival the best. “Masters Of The Galaxy,” take their turn up to ten and ensure the listener is hooked from the get go, snaking through the ground and around the plains. “The Land Of Unicorns,” snakes through dancing the plains and ensuring the listener is completely hooked. “Power Of The Laser Dragon,” shreds, completely shreds.

“Legendary Enchanted Jetpack,” is bombastic and a snaking masterpiece. “Gloryhammer,” a fucking perfect drinking song that mixes together everything that is pure and downright awesome. “Hootsforce,” is epic and bombastic and simply insane. “Battle For Eternity,” keeps it fresh, snaking itself into being with bombastic measurements. “The Fires Of The Ancient Cosmic,” take their turn to chant and burn.

The album is out on 31st May via Napalm Records.

Isla Fortuna

Isla Fortuna-Verity


“The Dive,” starts off with one of those riffs. The sort that make you go “Oh shit, this is happening,” and what a start it is. It snakes through and brings the hammer down. “Fervor,” swaggers with the lines and produces some fascinating changes. “Go,” rocks the house down with the riffs back into full action. “A Human Nature,” is haunting and soulful, producing something interesting and direct.

“Island,” ventures this way and that, smashing down the trees with a snake eye. “North,” slowed down a monster that constructs something powerful. “Paramnesia,” another roller coaster. “Thinker’s Cave,” a brittle rocker.

The album is out now.


Vulture-Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves

Vulture - Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves.jpg

Heavy Metal sorcery at its finest.

“Fed To Sharks,” comes roaring into being, demolishing any and all who stand before it, snaking through the darkness and ensuring the listener is completely mesmerised. “The Garotte,” is another dark and dangerous song that ventures this way and the next, producing something simply epic. “Beyond The Blade,” haunting and messianic, a song that destroys all those who come before it. “Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves,” takes on an edge and smashes through the rage machine. “Dewer’s Hollow,” another song that veers into the abyss with the laughing madness.

“Tyrantula,” another snaking monster through the veering melodies and riffs, that takes charge and leaves the listener desperate for more. “Stainless Glare,” slows things down slightly the piano intro really takes the cake. “Murderous Militia,” keeps things interesting, battering the house down with some snakey melodies and dark and dangerous riffs. “Killer On The Loose,” is downright terrifying, a brilliant closer.

The album is out on 7th June via Metal Blade Records.




“Seemannsgarn,” is haunting and visceral with the right tone and set up for the melodies and the instrumentation to boot. The perfect opening. “Galgenvoegel,” moves with increasing freneticism and ensures that the listener has something juicy to hold onto. “Reden ist Silber,” takes things to another level, changing with the winds and ensuring the listener is completely hooked on the change. “Die Letzle Schlact,” is downright epic with the instrumentation mixing well with the riffs and the harmonies. “Schwarzes Gold,” riffs the house down bringing the thunder to the listener. “Ich bin der Nachtwind,” takes another serious turn and ensures the listener is hooked from the get go. “Der Puppenspieler,” is another epic rocker that takes things to another level.

“Francois Villon,” is haunting and shifting changing through the melodies and the darkness. “Das Gewissen,” filters through with a lot of energy and movement to take the edge of slightly. “Schmiede das Eisen,” rocks the shit out of the listener with an infectious melody and groove. “Gib mir noch ein Glas,” brutal. “Im freien fall,” another interesting mix up. “Herrenlos und Frei,” takes a brutal turn twisting and shifting through the wind. The finale is simply epic and fully throttled.

The album is out on 7th June via AFM Records. Be sure to check it out.


Blind Cross

Blind Cross-Merciless Time

“The Hammer and The Nail,” rocks the house down, shifting through the wind and producing some fascinating movement. “Doublecross,” shifts and turns through the wind and ensures the listener is hooked on the elements. “Blind Nation,” has some Iron Maiden tinges to it, but also carries some fascinating melodies and riffs. “Her Invisible Friend,” moves with the wind to growl and snake through the charms and the pain. “Rise Or Fall,” is simply epic. It displays so many melodies and movements it keeps the fascination going strong. “Bioluminosity,” is an interesting song with diverging changes, and a shifting vocal performance, delivering a sharp smack to the face.

“The Leviathan,” is another snaking song that delivers a thunderous punch to the gut. “Tear It Down,” rocks the house away with some interesting shifting melodies and a darkened edge. “Infrared,” takes the time to shift through and produce an interesting groove and movement. “Material Law,” takes another battering ram to the listener’s face. “The Yeti’s Call,” snakes through, changing at speed and once more growing with pace and agility. “Sledgehammer,” rocks the house down, bringing a thundering growth to the world.

The album is out on July 5th.


Barbe-Q-Barbies- Borrowed Time


Rock and Roll’s torch is being flown high by a lot of bands, Barbe-Q-Barbies foremost amongst them.

“Dizfunktional,” comes swearing into being with the fuzz and the grit and the crowd chanting and it truly keeps things interesting. “Alive,” is a swaggering monster that dances through the plains and ensures that the listener is hooked on the melodies. “Hangman’s Song,” is haunting with the killer edge. “Made Of Scars,” dances through the plains and shifts through, ensuring the listener is hooked. “Innocent,” jangles with power and grace.

“Radio,” takes a turn and snarls with grace and energy. “On and On,” a rocker with some serious grit and bite. “Towers,” another song that shreds through the wind. “Borrowed Time,” is another ballsy finger in the air mighty number that ensures the listener is hooked from the get go.

The album is out on 7th June via Dissonance Production.

Warm Rain

Warm Rain-Back Above The Clouds


Following on from the release of their E.P. earlier this year, Warm Rain are back into business with their new album.

“Fading Star,” is haunting and dangling, filled with interesting melodies that drive home a surreal atmosphere and ensure the listener is hooked. “Absent Friends,” has some very nice melodical framing, ensuring that the listener does not get sidetracked and instead is fully submerged in the process unfolding before them. “Running Out Of Time,” is quite haunting, the clock ticking sets the scene very nicely, and ensures that the listener knows just what to expect. “Alone In Silent Harmony,” is eerie and filled with some fascinating melodies. “I Should Be Seeing Stars By Now,” is another eerie song that combines different elements of the psychedelic to ensure that the listener feels comfortable diving into the measurements. “New Dawn,” sounds as if it came off Pink Floyd’s record collection, and that is a high compliment, ensuring the melodies weave in and out, and the vocals are set at the right frequency. “Metamorphosis,” is driving and fluctuating. “Here Comes The Rain Again,” turns things one way and then another, twisting and shifting through the stratosphere.

“A Hundred Miles High,” is dreamy, shifting and turning through the winds before reaching an interesting conclusion. “Live The Dream,” is haunting and psychedelic, never quite stopping but never quite filtering out. “Free Now,” has a haunting element to it, that ensures the listener is truly caught up in the moment. “Flying Dreams,” is definitely another haunting song that feeds well into the reprise of “Absent Friends,” “Luminous Star,” is haunting and shifting filled with all sorts of feelings and twists right into the moment. “Equilibrium,” sets the tone nicely, and ensures the listener is hooked from the get go.

The album is out on 7th June via Rain Recordings.

The Meads Of Asphodel

The Meads Of Asphodel- Running Out Of Time

“Bug Splat,” is a weird one. It has a monitor going off in the background as its opening, and slowly filters through into a bit of a darkened growl. “I am Oblivion,” is filled with haunting melodies and a darkened edge that lends itself very well to the fortunes of the world and their chaotic nature. “I’m Running Out Of Time.” is a thunderous riff orgy that brings together some fascinating elements to the core. The vocals are biting. “Black Is Black and White is White,” is haunting, a determined dirge that swings and moves this way and that. “Cockroach Marionettes,” filters through with a battering ram, taking its turn to deliver a seriously gnarly filter. “I Stood Tiptoe, Reaching Up For Heaven,” is sarcastic and downright weird filtering through with humour and horror all in one go.

“Like Blood Shaped Flakes Of Snow,” filters its way out, twisting and turning through the narrowed edges of time, and bringing with it some interesting melodies. “The Broken Wings Of Hud Hud,” is sarcastic and biting. A song that takes no prisoners and ensures that the listeners are hooked on the melodies handed out with steam. “Funeral Drums,” is psychedelic, twisting and turning through the lines of the winter storm. “Recollections,” is a haunting acoustic number that has balls of steel. “Souvenir of Death,” takes not shit and gallops through the festering wounds.

The album is out on June 21st via Godreah Records.




The classic power metal Brazillians return with their new album History. An album filled with hooks and sheer insanity.

“Prelude,” is haunting and lends itself well to the introduction of an album that promises much. “History,” the title track starts off with a haunting edge before shredding into being, the melodies are on fire and the guitars shred their way through into ultimate being. “Lullaby,” takes an interesting step, with the power driving rhythm, before shifting a tone with a touch here and there. It turns and twists brilliantly. “Guardians Of Time,” is truly haunting, shifting with a mighty blast, it produces some fascinating content. “The Land Of The Rising Sun,” is completely insane. Shredding, galloping and pure energy guides the band through into something magical. “Innocence,” beats the crap out of the listener, twisting and changing things for the good and the bad.

“Lonely Rain,” takes an interesting turn here. It shifts through the melodies with great space and patience, and gradually gets heavier before moving into complete overdrive. “Revolution Has Begun,” leads the shredding madness, bringing some fascinating concepts to light. “Seize The Day,” leads through portions and melodies, bringing some fascinating changes through. “Turn Back The Night,” is simply epic. It produces a masterpiece that brings change and light through the dawn and ensures the listener is hooked. “Thousand Tears,” demonstrates pure epicness in terms of the vocal abilities. “Learn To Fly,” is a shred fest.

This beauty of a record is out on 5th July via Rock of Angels Records.


Hellscream-Hate Machine

The American metal scream machine returns with their newest album Hate Machine.

“There Will Be Blood,” starts off with a thunderous and epic harmonising riff, that slowly builds into a crescendo. When the song truly kicks off it has a powerful riff leading the way with the vocals weaving themselves in and out of that pattern and ensuring that the listener is hooked. “Fire Starter,” takes the bull by the horns and weaves its way turning and shifting with might and power, the vocals are once more on point. “Weight Of The World,” takes charge, commanding the listener’s attention from the first bolts of melody that come shifting through, a real rager. “Oubilette,” slows things down, with a clean intro that is damned haunting, a song that veers one way and then the next, producing some seriously energetic performances. “Zero Recall,” is simply epic. It takes a turn here and there, shifting through the boundaries, and smashing walls down. “Slaves Of The Sand,” moves with energy and grace, turning the listener’s head multiple times and slowly shifting the sands of time.

“Hate Machine,” the title track of the album comes in with a harmony rager. It takes a turn twisting through the madness, bringing some fascinating little gems to light and then shifting the tone thoroughly. “Another Angel Down,” shreds. Completely and utterly. It shreds and does not let go, producing one of the best songs on the record, which is saying something considering the absolute ragers on the album. “Payback,” takes another turn here, twisting things through a slow lense, and ensuring the listener finds something to smash through. “Blood Rite,” is chaotic and powerful at the same time, all because of this stop and start rhythm it has going. “Wake The Demon,” is powerful and engrossing, taking the time to lead through the melodies, before shifting into overdrive. “Generation Kill,” takes another finisher and throws up some fascinating curveballs for the listener to digest. A fitting finisher.

The album is out on July 26th.