Sons of Apollo-MMXX

The progressive metal juggernaut that is Sons of Apollo have returned with their second album entitled MMXX, in honour of the new decade, and boy is it a corker.

“Goodbye Divinity,” is the haunting opening track. A song that filters in so much passion and sonic overdrive that one has to be taken in by everything that is occurring within that landscape. “Wither To Black,” sonically over powers everything and everyone within its vicinity. It is a rolling monster, driven to distraction, and yet the skills do not take away from a perfectly crafted song. “Asphyxiation,” is a song that grows on the bounds of togetherness and allows the listener to truly embrace the sonic overlays of the gods. “Desolate July,” haunts the ether, slowly shifting the tenor through the boundaries and bringing together the listener and artist.

“King of Delusion,” shimmers through the scope. Slowly unravelling the scope of time and conclusion. Allowing the sense that all is growing whilst at the same time, taking nothing and everything. “Fall To Ascend,” rolls with the punches. Taking the time to really grow. It shimmers into being, taking everything out of the system and slowly burning the ground around it. “Resurrection Day,” is an anthem for the ages. Filled with completeness and allowing the listener to truly focus on what is and isn’t there. “New World Today,” is the hopeful monster track, and a perfect finisher.

This absolute corker is out on 17th January via Inside Out Music. Do yourself a favour and check this album out.

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