“From The Tomb Into The Void,” is an epic way to kick things off. The guitars work in overtime to produce something that is insanely fascinating. It grows and moves with a slithering edge and then unleashes chaos. “Mutilated By Depths,” snaps and crackles, the electricity pretty much froths all over the place. “Pouring Chaos,” roars through the edge of night and slowly but surely brings about chaos. “Hideous Affliction,” cuts like a knife and then slowly cauterises the wound.

“Descending to Black Fire,” goes hard and produces something worthy of destruction. “Pyre,” works its way through. Slowly but surely building into a nonchalant magnus of chaos and wreckage. “The Hammer of Ghouls,” works overtime, slowly and surely destroying the wreckage left behind. “Fog Of The Malevolent Sore,” snaps and pushes the boundaries.

The album is out on 21st February via High Roller Records.

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