SHAKRA-Mad World

“Fireline,” shreds through. An absolute rocker and one that really pushes the limits. “Too Much Is Not Enough,” goes down hard and brings with it some fascinating changes and turns. “A Roll Of The Dice,” shakes and stirs things. Shimmering into being with light and aggression. “Mad World,” goes hard and brings everything to the fore. “When He Comes Around,” has a sarcastic swagger to it. “Thousand Kings,” gets the heavier edge and brings it all together to finish off this first half of the album.

“I Still Rock,” is a riff sandwich. “Fake News,” swaggers on, producing some fascinating twists and turns and allowing the listener to really embrace the changing landscapes of it all. “When It All Falls Down,” moves in time with the rhythm and allows the listener to get into the swing of things. “Turn The Light On,” pushes through, shimmering into the light. “Son Of Fire,” goes hard and produces some fascinating melodies. “New Tomorrow,” works through.

The album is out on 28th February via AFM Records.

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