Midnight-Rebirth By Blasphemy

“Fucking Speed and Darkness,” is pure carnage. Unleashing hell on earth through the ungodly riffs, it simply delivers. “Rebirth By Blasphemy,” the title track, is an absolute monster. Tearing through the structures of the world and empowering the listener to embark on a journey. “Escape The Grave,” rolls with the thunder. “Devil’s Excrement,” rolls hard and punishes all who cross it. “Rising Scum,” slows things down. Bringing about a touch and go mentality.

“Warning From The Reaper,” unleashes carnage. “Cursed Possessions,” turns the ground around, spinning wildly through the power of the riff. “Raw Attack,” moves quickly, delivering a powerful onslaught into the world. “The Sounds of Hell,” moves quickly, and rolls hard. “You Can Drag Me Through Fire,” is an epic finisher.

The album is out on 24th January via Metal Blade Records.

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