Isle of the Cross-Excelsis

A mix between Symphony X and Opeth, Isle of the Cross stun on their new album Excelsis.

“Sacrifice,” is haunting, poetically so. Filled with a dark rhythm that makes it enticing and intoxicating. “Tartarus,” is filled with rage and passion. The riffs on this song are ungodly. “Excelsis,” is dramatic, filled with powerful flourishes that drive a point and shimmer through the lines. “The Wolf Pts I and II,” are aggressive, momentous beasts that deliver a sharp turn through the edge of time. “Stars,” slows things down and adds a layer of melody and harmony to overall proceedings.

“Empyrean,” roars into being. Delivering a sharp twist and turn of the knife and producing something that quite simply astounds. “Paradigm,” mixes tendencies together. Allowing the listener to mould itself into something dark and foreboding. “Breatheia,” is haunting. A song that truly plays on the emotions and allows for contemplation of something higher and darker. “The 9th Circle,” a three part epic, is an absolute monster of a song. Simply biblical.

The album is out on 21st February via Rockshots Records. Be sure to get it.

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