Magistarium Interview

Magistarium are a band who’ve captured the imagination of a great many people. Their most recent album War For All, All For Won has been highly praised by the press and fans alike. The Median Man was fortunate enough to sit down and talk with Ingo (bass) and Mike (guitar):

  • What inspired the formation of the band?

Ingo : The band is very special because of the different genres and experience of every single musician. Look at me I am the oldest in the band and I came originally from Hardrock like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath, but I love also ABBA (fantastic band with cool basslines)

Oleg and Mike for example have their own characteristic and influences of Russian emotions. I love it.

The singing of Oleg shows his classic opera education, its very unique, interesting and maybe sometimes a kind off polarizing.

Mike: I’m a big 80’s hard rock fan as well, but doing our first songs we were more inspired by Nightwish, Rhapsody , Rage and Manowar.  From album to album the music was continually developing, so it became something own. At least for us.

  • Why do you play the music that you do?

Ingo: What a funny question, I play music because its so great to see the emotions of the audience. In German I would say: Its awesome to conjure smiling and happy faces.

Mike: because we don’t have any choice😊 Nobody writes music for us, so we play ours😊 And if you play you own music, nobody will tell you, that you fucked up this or that note or played something wrong. Because nobody know how it should be😊😊😊

Ingo: Ha ha ha, your bandmembers hear eyerything, but what is a half note between friends

Mike: No, now seriously …., its very amazing to express our emotions and thoughts in every note and word, we are proud to create our own music in our own style and getting a bigger crowd every week

  • How do you approach songwriting and did that approach change on your newest album?

Ingo:  it was very nice to play my own style on the newest album. I worked in my own studio, that was nice, there was no time pressure. The Album 5´55 was already done, so I played the notes that the guys wanted, I had only two days for the recording.

Mike: We also had no “money pressure” because we recorded everything in our studio. We were done with the new songs pretty fast , but the record process took a lot of time, because we did everything by our selves. The recording of the guitar parts took 4 days on 5’55’’ and on “ war for all” as well.

  • Did you choose any specific themes to explore on your latest album and if so why?

Ingo: Its your job Mike, you are the professional social worker in our band😊

Mike: First of all, I’d like to mention that for the very first time we wrote almost all the English lyrics together with Volker Brandes , our keyboardist. We didn’t really create something new for the world of metal lyrics. So the most topics of the songs are social critical consideration of the political attitude nowadays.  Some ideas came from Oleg, and the lyrics for the song “ Beyond the frontier” came from our friend Valentin Lezenda from the Ukraine. The only one theme is probably a kind of specific. I_m talking about the lyrics of the song “ Hora longa vita brevis”

Like Ingo said , I’m a social worker  and I’m working with addicted people and I heard a lot of stories from them. As Oleg dropped the first line in those lyrics, I decided to write the lyrics like a dialogue between “the addiction”, who is humanized in the lyrics, and the addicted person. The part of “lady addiction” did the female singer Milalina , who normally sings completely another style of music, but she was really good prepared for the recordings and did a killer job at the studio.

  • Could you tell us a little bit about the reasoning behind releasing your second album 5’55 as a double CD with both English and Russian versions of the songs?

Ingo: I knew Mike from playing with him at “Thomsen”. In this context I heard Magistarium for the first time and I loved the music from the beginning. I saw Oleg live on stage singing a song in his mother language, it was fucking awesome, so I suggested to produce a Double CD in Russian and English. I find him very impressive and emotional in Russian.

Mike: Ingo’s idea sounded great to us  and we already  had the whole Russian lyrics, because I always start to write every llyric for our songs in Russian. So we decided to do this album as a double CD. We did the same on our latest record as well.

  • What plans do you have for the future?

Ingo: In April 2019 we were on European Tour with “Vicious Rumors” for 3 weeks. It was fantastic and incredible. So I certainly wish it was not the last tour. … it’s so interesting and inspiring to see and meet the fans from other countries. Such an amazing experience.

Mike: absolutely, we will do everything to get back on the road as soon as possible !!!. And at the moment we’re collecting some ideas for the new album. 

Ingo: And of Course: playing many festivals in the future

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