Rage-Wings Of Rage

Heavy metal legends Rage return with a brand spanking new album entitled Wings of Rage. An album that is sure to delight their fans, both old and new.

“True,” starts with the wind chiming before the guitars come in. The feeling of the song is of a storm brewing, with the guitars raging in and the vocals snarling to get their point across. “Let The Rest In Peace,” is ferocious, destroying the listener’s notions and ensuring that a mosh pit will always break out when this song is performed live. “Chasing The Twilight Zone,” is epic. A song that combines raging battering rams, with a subtle shift and change here and there within the melody, ensures the listener is hooked. “Tomorrow,” is pure power metal bliss. Shifting the tone ever so slightly and bringing in a fascinating chaotic feeling to the song, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the beginning. “Wings of Rage,” the title track is a blistering assault on the senses. “Shadow Over Deadland,” is an instrumental interlude.

“A Nameless Grave,” introduces some highly fascinating symphonic elements into play. The keys mix well with the changing guitar patterns, showing that the band have a fair bit of depth to them. As the song progresses this depth is highlighted in other ways. Mainly the changing vocal melodies that bring forth certain memories. “Don’t Let Me Down,” goes for the straight ahead metal song, with brutal riffs thrown in with melodic leads. “Shine A Light,” is simply epic. Mixing together different components to ensure that the listener is hooked from the beginning of the song until the very end. “HTTS 2.0,” is pure thrash. “Blame It On The Truth,” roared into the middle foreground, twisting the soul and bringing together melding of different elements. “For Those Who Wish To Die,” is a nice finisher. Combining different elements to ensure a bombastic finale.

The album is out on 10th January via Steamhammer/SPV.

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