Moon Reverie

“Into Glory,” starts off this neo-classical rock masterpiece, with a slow groove and allows the shifting into a newer tighter form of rock. “Forgiveness,” starts off with a strong riff. It then proceeds to unleash the shred, showing off great skill and talent as the song progresses. “I Will Come For You,” is an interesting melodic song, that shows off the skills of each member of the band. “Say Forever,” unleashes the inner shred of the guitarists and allows the listener to bask in their greatness. “Eyes,” brings the eighties back to life with a soaring guitar melody and a brilliant vocal pass. “In My Heart,” brings the inner ballad lover out in this listener and shows that ballads when done right can be just as awesome as the average rock and roller.

“The Raven,” truly shows off the neoclassical influences of the band. The structure goes from highly organised and complicated arrangements to straight out shred. “First and Last,” soars through the continuum, and displays an interesting sense of melody. “On The Edge,” is a fast paced rocker, that could have come from the annals of Zeppelin. “Far Above,” another melodic ballad. “End of Times,” truly goes classical, and it works. The melodies weave themselves within your brain and they do not let go for anything. “Moon Reverie Suite,” shows off the skills of the band.

The album is out on 31st January via Rockshots Records.

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