Ironflame-Blood Red Victory

U.S. Heavy Metal Warriors IRONFLAME will release its third full-length album, Blood Red Victory, February 7 on Divebomb Records (CD) and Metalworld Switzerland (vinyl and cassette).

“Gates of Evermore,” is an absolute rager. It comes out of the gate with a furious riff that lends itself quite well to the subject matter. When the vocals come in they are filled with energy and aggression. This will be a hit when performed live. “Honour Bound,” takes a twist in the tale and elaborates on it to such an extent that the listener is hooked completely. “Seekers of The Blade,” is an interesting song. Combining melodic leads with soaring vocals that bring out the inner epicness of this song. “Blood Red Cross,” is simply epic. From start to finish.

“On Ashen Wings,” is pure power metal in its greatest form. Unbridled and unleashed, turning this way and that and enchanting as it moves through. “Graves of Thunder,” is a riff monster. Galloping along at the speed of light and ensuring the listener is brought along for the great journey ahead. “Grave and Valor,” another epic song that tells the tale of ancient chivalry quite nicely. “Night Queen,” is simply epic. A tale weaved together masterfully.

The album is out on 7th February via Divebomb Records.

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