Eighty One Hundred-Heaven In Flames

Their name might be unusual, but Eighty One Hundred deliver classic melodic metal, catered to all listeners.

“Overture 80100,” mixes together a sultry bass tone with clean guitars, adding a depth to the song that builds anticipation. “Heaven In Flames,” is a real rager of a song. The opening riff is meaty, and as the song progresses we get to see even more of that skill. The band sound like a tight unit and that makes this song even better. “Cry Out,” soars into the opening air of the world. Bringing with it some interesting twists and turns and melodical choices. “Payback My Time,” is reflective and dissonant, turning into something completely refreshing as the song progresses.

“No Way Out,” brims with confidence and a frenetic energy that appeals to the listener. You won’t be able to stop moving when listening to this song. “Mater Gaia,” is reflective, slowly shifting along the pathways of the world. Bringing in new elements and slowly turning the screws into something new. “Power of Revolution,” is filled to the brim with great guitar lines. As time progresses, the song evolves into something harder and more epic.

The album is out on 24th January.

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