Saints Trade-Time To Be Heroes

“Livin’ To Rock,” is a rager. Straight out the gate with an absolute belter of a riff, turning over and over in the listener’s head. Brilliantly executed. “Night Children,” another song that ventures into the depths of AOR sensibilities and pushes the boundaries. “Destiny,” turns into one loud ass rocker. The guitars are well and truly at the forefront of this venture. “Higher,” swaggers through, turning around and breeding into something more, something grander. “Two As One,” takes on a more melodic and somewhat sadder turn. “Queen Of Love,” rocks out.

“Born Hunter,” another song that veers into the unsensible and turns the screws just that extra bit harder. “Hills of Sarajevo,” gets heavier and more epic, filled with grand delusions and a shifting turn of phrase. “Twist In The Tail,” rocks out hard, pushing boundaries and encouraging the shifting phrase of state. “The Rose,” another classic rocker brought to the well. “Middle Of Nowhere,” is a fitting closer.

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