RAVENWORD Transcendence

“Blue Roses,” is filled with melody and direction. The guitars work together drive the song forward with brutal riffs, whilst the vocals work within the song to bring about a nice collection of melodies which soar and implant themselves within the listener’s brain. “Life Is In Your Hands,” is relentless, pushing through the drive and shimmering into being. Bringing about a melodic direction for chaos. “No More,” goes big on the symphony, turning things into an interesting direction with a filtering of the world. “Lullaby Of The Last Petal,” settles in quite nicely for a ballad, allowing the piano to work throughout and within the textures of the past. “Purity,” pushes through, driving the screws within and without. “Rain of Stars,” works overtime to drive the world into a collection and throughout the works it holds onto the past. “The Queen of Darkness,” soars on the wind, and delivers something quite fitting for the album’s overall theme.

“What I Need,” comes blistering through like a rocket about to launch. Excellently crafted together to produce something without peer. “The Swansong,” is an epic ballad. Mixing together soaring vocals and peerless piano work. “Dylan,” is a rager of a song, with a bounding riff and some phenomenal work on the vocal melodies. “Crimson Lake,” shifts the screws ever so slightly, working into overtime to produce a classic riff one two. “The Distance,” is a melodic number that works over time to produce a classic turn. “Bleeding Moon,” finishes things off quite nicely.

The album is out on 31st January via Rockshots Records

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