Magistarium-War For All,All For Won

Power metal sensations Magistarium have unleashed a powerful new album in War For All, All For Won that is a must have for any and all metal fans.

“Rising From The Ashes,” is a strong opener, one that truly shows off the clinical detail with which the band has crafted their songs. The rhythms are brutal and well executed, the vocals soar and seer into the listener’s mind. “One Against The World,” twists and shifts with great precision, delivering a growing hive of energy and aggression against the darkening world process. “The Game Of Life,” moves with the flow. Slowly shifting around the turning bites of the mind and the growing scope of where anger resides. “Hora Long Vita Brevis,” is symphonic metal at its best. The keys turn and twist sharply, producing a song that is as much an ode to the past as to the future. “Beyond The Frontier,” is a story mixed together with a raging metal storm. The vocals are biting and snarling, the guitars gallop through the world. Everything within the song combines to make this one hell of a song.

“Forever,” slows things down ever so slightly. The piano adds a beautiful melody as the vocals come soaring in and the guitars work their way through the motions into the darkness. “War For All, All For Won,” the title track of this truly impressive album is filled with the mechanics of a great song. The guitars bite and snarl, the vocals rage and the rhythm is tightly held together. A truly impressive feat. “Another World,” snaps and crackles, burning with a fierce intensity that belies the sentiment of the world and brings about complete chaos and destruction. “Turn Back Time,” rolls with the punches and hits where it needs to. The song rolls together quite nicely, shifting the texture in and around. “1000 Years of Rain,” is a melodic infusion of the different elements that make this album and this band so good. “Follow Your Dream,” finishes things off quite nicely.

The album is out now!

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