Cellar Twins-Duality

Cellar Twins hail from Belgium and bring together a diverse range of influences, which can quite clearly be heard on their debut album Duality.

“Millenium,” starts things off. A rolling drum beat soon sets into a turning and twisting riff machine. The vocals are haunting and biting, with echoes of Myles Kennedy. “Molotov Parade,” snarls with thunder and aggression. Demanding to be heard and forcing its way through into the listener’s subconscious until it is heard. “Cloud Walker,” slows things down. Bringing out the band’s more melodic side and fusing together a bluesy influence before shredding to all oblivion. “Selfear,” starts off calm and collected and soon moves into a blistering battering ram. “Social Waste,” is a call to arms and a gang chant all in one.

“Antithesis,” snaps and crackles with a sheer punch to the gut. “Wovoka,” slowly imbues itself with a nice tectonic urge and brings about some serious grooves. “Tales of Autumn,” roars into the world, bringing about a snapping of the time branch ensuring the listener is truly hooked on the world. “Solace,” is a slow burning cataclysm, that truly shows off the grooving melodies of pain and anger. “Promesse,” finishes things off in style.

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