Blade Cisco-Edge Of The Blade

“Memories,” kicks things off with a harmonised intro before moving into straight ahead melodic rock. The guitars either shred through or drive the song. The vocals take on a slightly melancholic disposition. “Anything,” is straight ahead classic AOR, rocking through the hoops and turning around to bring complete joy. “Foolin’ Myself,” works its butt off to produce something stellar and inspirational in the field of melodic fist pumps. “Rain Over Me,” takes the turn from the right to the left and back again. “Life Is A Lottery,” snaps through the turning ground and shimmers through the light. “Edge Of The Blade,” works into overtime producing something that is truly melodic.

“Hungry For Love,” is classic AOR. “Grey,” shimmers through the line and turns the screws ever so slightly. “Invisible To Me,” brings about a nice bluesy resurgence, bringing in some nice licks and some soaring vocal lines. “We Are Still Standing,” gets slightly more melodic on the turn. And goes full out rock and roll for the chart storming performance. “My Way,” slows down considerably, bringing out the acoustic guitars for a long day’s work.

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