Ossian Smith – Smoke & Sparks

Starting off with “Running Headlong,” Ossian Smith show off their eclectic interests. The song is both haunting and in your face, with a pattern that takes a turn through a shimmering strand. The guitars add an extra hint of distortion and the vocals flow through on a sonic wave. “Revelations,” beats quickly to the sound of the drum, as the guitars create a bluesy twist and turn. Bringing together an interesting feeling of sixties and nineties rock and roll in one go. “Steady In The Saddle,” veers through the turn around. Turning into straight ahead melodies. “Little Killing Sun,” gets heavier, that riff at the beginning is infectious. Grooving with the best of them for the fun of it all. “Threnody,” turns around and shimmers to the breaking of the world. Melodies work within the circumference of the song and blaze out on occasion to shape the world.

“The Ghosts Are Out Tonight,” takes an interesting direction. Showing off the early rock and roll chops of the guitarists, whilst melding the nineties sensibilities of the vocals. “R’lene,” is a darker turn, showing off a complex arrangement of melodies and sonic overtures to deliver a song that veers from the light into the black. “Violent Electric Moon,” takes a hammer to normal concoctions, and smashes it through the biting point. It turns and twists, with swagger and never quite lets go. “Embers,” is discordant acoustic and electric melodies welded together for chaos. “Spark A Flame,” grows on the winds and turns the twisting keys together for fun. “Apollonia,” is a fitting finale, breaking through the desert sweats and ensuring the listener knows where the darkness turns.

The album is out on 13th December via Secret Entertainment.

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