Motley Crue Are Back!

No, you’ve not misread that. Motley Crue are well and truly back.

The LA Band who made a name for themselves by throwing out convention during their 1980s heyday, broke with convention in 2013, by signing a cessation contract which stated that they could never tour again after one last final tour. As such the band embarked on a year long tour which finished off in their hometown of Los Angeles, on New Year’s Eve.

It was a tearful farewell, with many fans rejoicing in getting to see the band one last time. After the show finished, none of the band spoke with one another. Though, they did come out of slumber to record four new songs, including a cover of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin,’ for their biographical movie The Dirt. That got the rumour mill going, and when a petition started on Change.Org to get the band back together, the band in true Crue fashion stirred things by saying that they were ‘intrigued.’

Well intrigue has turned into confirmation. In true Crue style, the band released a video yesterday, which featured narration from Machine Gun Kelly-who plays Tommy Lee in The Dirt– commenting on the state of play, before the contract which the band signed blows up. You can watch the video below:

Now, what does this all mean? Motley Crue are back, but they signed a contract and embarked on a farewell tour! Well, as with anything in life, nothing is ever over until the Fat Lady sings, and it seems the Fat Lady has not yet performed her first note.

Some might cynically claim that the band have sold out and they cannot be trusted again, they said they’d stop and they lied. However, a counter this would be that clearly they’re responding to the demand of fans. It is the music business after all, where there is demand, there will be supply.

Furthermore, this writer for one is intrigued to see what happens. If Crue have returned, does this mean that they will embark on a full fledged world tour? Will they actually be able to keep up with the standards they’d set previously, and will Vince Neil actually be able to sing all the songs-don’t forget his slightly cringey performance at Download a few years ago- will the band do a few shows?

Then in the back of everyone’s mind will be this big chestnut, will there be new studio albums? The last Crue album Saints of Los Angeles was abysmal to be kind to it. But the songs that were recorded for The Dirt, were catchy and classic Crue. So, perhaps the fire has returned.

Nobody knows for sure. But one thing is for sure, they aren’t going away, and they certainly know how to bring the hype!

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