Mindless Sinner-Poltergeist

Swedish cult band Mindless Sinner return with a brand spanking new album filled to the rafters with great songs.

“Poltergeist,” the title track of the record is also the opening song. It starts off hauntingly, teasing out several melodies within a short space of time. The song then goes heavy and melodic, with twin leads filtering through into a pounding rhythm. “Heavy Metal Mayhem.” is epic. Right from the get go with the twin guitar leads it slides into being and jives together. The riffs are absolutely tasty and filled with delightful goods. “Valkyrie,” moves into sweltering territory. The song structure is such that the listener is treated to the duelling guitars almost from the first. Then slowly as things turn and progress, the band show off their more epic side, bringing together sliding mayhem and brilliantly executed vocal turns. “World Of Madness,” gallops and swaggers. Portraying a world that is slowly going insane, the band show off their skills excellently. “The Road To Nowhere,” is somewhat sinister. It brings things together in a darkened road. Slowly but surely extending the light through and delivering the goods.

“Rewind The Future,” roars from the beginning. Showing off where it is going and how it intends to get there. There’s an element of the speed metal triumph about it. “The Rise And The Fall,” adds a touch more darkened levity to things and then slowly turns through into an absolute riff machine. “Hammer of Thor,” thunders into being. Switching through several melodical changes, stopping and starting in great measure and then changing the flow to deliver the most epic of turns. “Altar of the King,” becomes an epic mosh fest. A song that is constructed on the back of several grooving riffs, it twists and turns and allows for something that truly shows off its meaning. “Roll The Dice,” grows in heaviness and splendour, the right song to finish off on.

The album is out on January 17th.

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