KNASTERBART Perlen vor die Säue

“Perlen für die Säue,” comes in with an interesting twist. The guitars and the strings work well together, shifting and allowing for a nice little twist and shift. “Ringelpiez am Kiez,” is slightly more medieval before getting heavier and turning into a well oiled drinking song. “Kneipenschlägerei,” is a different beast all together. It flies and flowers and then turns within and without. “Backpfeifensonate in d-Moll,” goes for the country dance feel, and it works well. “Bambis Mama,” brings the piano to bear, a nice little touch. ” Gib dich auf,” worked hard and turned through the sweltering plains allowing for growth and change.

“Laich mich ein,” takes on a different flavour, it sounds almost summer time esque, nice and reflective. “Muss-ketier,” sounds straight out of a western and that works perfectly. “Gossenglocken,” slows things right down and takes on a much more serious tint. “Tanzt nach meiner Pfeife,” fast moving and a rover, which works over time to deliver something that will build the hype. “Geboren um zu Sterben,” works into the lullaby era and slowly adds a darker and more sarcastic take to it all. “Herzchen im Schnee,” brings Christmas to life.

The album is out on 29th November via Napalm Records.

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