Fever Joy-Reflections

“Bad,” is eerie. The bass line is heavy and menacing. The vocals ease in and shape themselves around the bass line, bringing together some fascinating twists and turns. Slowly but surely the song progresses into a menacing thud and shake, which delivers some great melodies and lines. “Done Dreaming,” is very Arctic Monkeys. It swaggers through, the instrumentation is swaggering. The vocals are to the point and sharp. They know they’ve got you hooked and they’re taunting you with it. “Reflections,” takes on a more haunting feel. Slowly easing into being, turning this way and that. The vocals truly shine through on this song, going from high to low, vibrating on the reservoir.

“You’re Losing Control,” takes a nice little turn. It gathers focus and speed. Allowing for subtle growth and changes in the melody and tempo. “Crazy Love,” is slightly heavier and a fine finisher for the E.P. It bites and snarls, whilst the vocals seduce you with a fine point melody that is sure to get itself stuck in your head. A great E.P.

Have a listen here:

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