Demon: Dave Hill Interview

Demon: Courtesy of Demon’s Facebook Page.

On Tuesday, The Median Man had the pleasure of speaking to Dave Hill, the lead vocalist and founder of the legendary New Wave of British Heavy Metal Band, Demon. Read onto find out what was discussed:

  1. Why did the band form and what are your influences?

“Well I’ve always been in rock bands, and myself and the late Mal Spooner-our former guitarist and a co-founder- played in rock bands in our local area, we eventually got together and decided to play the same sort of heavy rock as our influences. Bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. As for my personal influences, that would be Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie, you know the sort of classic rock of the time.”

  1. How do you approach song writing?

“I’m always jotting down things, I’m a big observer of stuff, so when I see something happening I tend to note it down, write down my thoughts and little things from life. Usually from the first person point of view. There’s not a set way of doing the song writing. For instance Night of the Demon was about the demonic, whilst The Unexpected Guest was about things we don’t know. So, it varies.”

  1. Could you tell us a bit about your new CD release ‘The Devil Rides Out?’

“So, we were approached by an online game company owned by Michaela Ivason the former owner of Sweden Rock Festival and a good friend of ours, the company he owns produces games which are set to music, and he asked to do some music for this game that he’s done called Demon: The Devil Rides Out, and I wasn’t sure at first. But yes, the music accompanies the game and it features a new song, which is the title track, and some bonus songs from previous albums, and we’re playing a show in Malta later this month as part of the release for the game and the CD.”

  1. Your last album Cemetery Junction came out in 2016, can we be a bit cheeky and ask if you’re working on a follow up?

“So, we’ve got some things in the pipeline. There are ideas that are being worked on. But the reason we’ve not released anything recently apart from this CD, is because we’ve got a lot of recorded footage from gigs done from way back in the eighties till now and we’re looking through it. Or rather we want to sift through it and see what could be released. Perhaps after we’ve finished playing the shows that we’ve got planned we’ll sit down and start working on the follow up properly.”

  1. What plans have you got for the future?

“So, we’ve done about 15-16 shows show far stretching back to January of this year, and we’ve got a few more planned before the year ends. We’re playing in Malta, we’re doing a show in a club called Nambucca in London. And we’re doing a show in Club 11 which is in our local area. Other than that, Demon keeps going, this is perhaps the best few years we’ve had recently.”

Watch the video for the new Demon song ‘The Devil Rides Out,” here:

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