Dizastra-Elder Sun

“Vae Victus,” kicks things off. The guitars and the drums work in tandem, producing something that is honestly quite terrifying. As the song progresses, that sense of heaviness and aggression continues to grow. There’s a twisting and sneering veneer about the song that really makes it stand out. “Piercing The Veil,” roars into the void. Bringing together some fascinating riffs and some downright terrifying vocal melodies, the song truly shows off a bright light in the darkened thrash scene. “Dead Ov Night,” roars with a brutal whip crack. Turning through and slinking into being. The melodies weave themselves around the scope of the night. “The Second Coming,” is epic. A song that veers one way and then another. Bringing with it a darkened sense of the world and a crushing inevitability. “Mourning Wars,” sneers and roars, taking it from the get go like a canon of war.

“Gnosis,” barrels out into the crushing desperation of night. It turns and twists with the excellent proficiency of someone in desperate need to escape from the crushing debris of the soul. “The Last Stand,” snarls and bites. Galloping through with a crushing certainty that knows how to make the world shimmer and shake within the confines of the minutes it runs for. “Astaroth,” takes a tumble, slowly filtering through and bringing a nice little changeling into being. “Terminus Est,” snaps and crackles, with an odd little melody thrown in for good measure.

The album is out on 22nd November.

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