Moss Eater-Damage

Moss Eater play a fascinating blend of music. They combine Doom metal, with elements of psychedelic and hardcore, alongside more standard tones of Death Metal. On their new E.P. Damage, they are sure to take things up several notches.

“The Night Circles In,” begins with the distorted feedback of the guitars, rolling through the thunderous cacophony. As things begin to unwind, we get to see the band in all their experimental glory. This is a song that winds and twists through the pathways of time and space, without every truly deciding to come on in. “Damage,” has elements of the post psychedelic landscape, with just a hint of melancholy and darkness to make the listener sit up immediately and pay attention to the chaos around them.

“Sleeping But Not Dreaming,” takes a moment. Slowly but surely it grooves through into the listener’s mindscape. It scopes out the changing patterns, making sure that things are growing and changing, it then completely unfolds the world. “Autumn Lungs,” is slow, thoughtful and something of a show stopper. It takes time to get going, but when it does, the true reflections of mind and space are present for all to see.

The E.P. is out on 15th November.

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