“Feel The Heat,” kicks things off. It’s dramatic and bombastic. It has some absolutely tasty riffs, and really gets things going. The vocals are something else as well. The whole song is just filled with swagger. “No Return,” another song that steps into the bombastic mode. It grows from strength to strength, turning around and smacking the listener in the face with precision and grace. Some elements are unexpected, but they are slotted in nicely with the song. “Be What You Are,” is the clear anthem of the album. The song that is meant to bring the listener into a good mood and get them pumped. And does it work? You’re damn right it does. “Passion,” a riff rager and a monster of a song, that shimmers through the turn screws, delivering a slap and a twist. “No More Letters,” darkens the sun, turning through and allowing for a breaking point. Slowly but surely the band grow into the frenetic pulsating energy of it all. “Guardian Angel,” is huge. Shimmering through the line, with pulsating melodies and delivering something else entirely, what a moment.

“Escape From Your Embrace,” gets darker with the piano melodies filtering through. Slowly allowing the world to break through a barrier put in place for protection. The band show off a side previously unexplored on this song, and one that is sure to make listeners look at them in a new light. “Ostannya Zorya,” a song that pulses with rhythm and something else. It turns through the necks and the woods, bringing the listener to something new and delightful. “Pain Is My Name,” is filled with swagger and energy. Growing through the fortunes of time and peace. “Final Curtain,” roars into being with that sliding riff. It continues on through the shifting decades and the changing moods of the world. “Break The Chains,” is an interesting song. It moves with a varying rhythm and breaks through certain elements with ease.

The album is out on 15th November via Rockshots Records.

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