Sanguine-Cold Blood

Inspired by the coldness of the music industry’s response to the suicides of countless musicians, Cold Blood by Sanguine is a defiant statement and perfect for these cold and divided times.

“Pressure,” kicks things off. The opening riff is something else entirely. It’s a dream, a brilliant landscape within which the song really shapes itself. The vocals come in with an added edge and a bite. The song starts growing into the madness of it all, a great way to start things off. “Lonesome,” starts off softer. The acoustic melodies filter through into a darker harder sound. The band really work well on this sound, and as the vocals come in, there’s a true sense of the loneliness that effects a lot of people nowadays. As the song progresses, you can hear the singalongs of the crowd already, this is sure to be a hit when performed live. “Running On Empty,” gets the futuristic sound nailed down pat. It is a rager of a song, turning through the bottle neck and adding another layer to the great opus being compiled. “Ignite,” takes a turn down the more melancholic route, slowly filtering out the shifts and bringing things through the line for thought and completion. “Summer Son,” is like a battering ram. Snarling through the barriers of the world, and demanding to be heard.

“Surrender,” thunders into being. It demands to be heard with the bombastic riffs and the searing melodies. The vocals weave themselves within and without. Slowly but surely the listener gets accustomed to where the world is turning and twisting. “Raised By Wolves,” is dark and foreboding. For this reviewer it is the best song on an album filled with high quality songs. Why? Because it is a slap in the face, it takes everything up to twelve, and that riff, my god that riff is phenomenal. “Five Seconds To Midnight,” brings the dreamscope into being. Showing where reality and imagination combine to produce something fantastical. “Just Believe,” brings the riff ragers back. Twisting and shimmering on the back of a fantastic little line. The vocals are on point throughout, and this is something that should definitely get performed live and listened to loudly! “I Had A Dream,” is slightly softer, more reflective, and a song that finishes things off nicely.

This is a phenomenal album. Do yourself a favour and get this album when it’s out on 6th December via Odyssey Music.

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