Dreamlord-Disciples of War

They’ve been going for twenty-four years, and now Greece’s Dreamlord are ready to unleash their debut album Disciples of War to the public for mass consumption. Get ready to be rocked.

“Out For Blood,” kicks things off for the band. It’s a haunting song. One that veers from one extreme to another, and never quite settling on a theme. One thing that is clear is that it is absolutely brutal. “Disciples of War,” the title track in the record, is a fast moving rocking and absolutely chaotic rocker and rager that veers this way and that. “The 11th Hour,” a song that moves with the times and slowly works its way into epic status for all to see and hear. “Humanity Enslaved,” roars and turns with the twisting of the great knife to end things completely. “Aggressive Denial,” a song that worms its way into the listener’s mind and makes them want to scream and shout.

“Infratracide,” is a haunting song that veers through the chaos and the madness of the world. It delivers something that suggests a monstrous rage within society. The song is dark and layered. “Blinded Eyes,” continues the move through the cycles, building up into aggression and madness. “Act of God,” gallops through the wind, turning the screws this way and that. “Outcast,” moves in on a high. Slowly building the rage into a maddening rage. “Uncompromised,” works through the system. Slowly turning it into a raging mess and finishing strong.

The album is out on 20th December via No Remorse Records.

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