Temple Renegade-The All Is None

“Enter Illusion,” starts with the distorted feedback, it slowly moves into a twisted riff, that snakes its way through into the listener’s mind. Bringing together some real elements of the pain and the grace of it all. “The Silent Hand,” is haunting. A downright special piece that moves through the graces and stages of it all. “Somewhere The Vulture,” moves with electricity, shifting the scope of it all and then turning the screws once more. “Fistful of Sand,” rolls and turns with the punches, delivering something quite remarkable. “Qualia,” slowly turns and filters through. Allowing the listener some chance to get their breath.

“Fallout,” is a blitzkrieg, moving with the incredible energy of the times and snaking through everything that allows for growth and pain. “Ghost of Goliath,” is a monster of a song. It is filled with the rolls and the turns that bring it all together for the world. “Voynich’s Last Dream,” is haunting, a song that turns through the world and filters everything together for the shifting promises of old. “Harbinger,” is haunting and dense. It filters through into something unknown. “Deadman,” finishes the album off strongly.

The album is out on 22nd November.

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