The long awaited album from Skyblood emerges.

“Skyblood Manifesto,” is quite literally the mission statement of the band and the album. It is haunting and terrifying, exhilarating and fascinating and all things at once. “The Voice,” is frenetic and chaotic. It rolls off the tongue and the vocals are biting and shimmering. They prod themselves through to the front and force the listener to sit up and pay attention. “The Not Forgotten,” goes down the melodic hard rock and metal route. There are some brilliant shimmers and filtering melodies that twist and turn around. “Wake Up To The Truth,” is a mighty drone, it takes from one end and then delivers with a furnace. Growing on the edge as time progresses.

“Once Invisible,” brings the strings to the fore. Shifting through the scope, they allow for moments of remembrance, brought together with an additional rage focus. “One Eye for One Eye,” haunts the listener. The vocal arrangements are a rise and a fall, a sharp turn here and there as the song slowly builds up and growls through into the madness. “Out Of The Hollow,” snaps the crackle. The whiphand goes, and the orchestration fits this mood perfectly. What a way to go. “For Or Again,” turns the withering spoons toward the shape of the time. It bleeds into the light and grows into the darkness. “Le Venimeux,” is reflecting and darkness embodied.

The album is out on 22nd November via Napalm Records.

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