Pyramids On Mars Edge of The Black

“Blood Moon,” goes very much into space and delivers something that is sure to keep the listeners talking for long after the final note is played. it goes from strength to strength and delivers something quite remarkable. “Nacht Waffen,” goes thunderous and then turns into something else. Suitably fitting for the name. “Song of Light,” ventures forth and into the desolate waste. “F-22 Raptor,” moves with the energy and grace of it all, allowing a changing and turning feature. “The Ambassador,” gets somewhat uptight and turns through.

“Mercury Magnetar,” is an interesting song that follows through on previous promises, turning and shimmering with the green light and producing something great and buoyant. “Arcturian Rain,” turns the screws up slightly, delivering something that delivers a fright and a rage all in one. “Time To Believe,” moves with frequency and light. “Whale Song,” a song that produces all sorts of sounds and movements. “Arioso Lullaby,” sees things through.

The album is out on 21st December, 2019.

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