Praying Mantis-Keep It Alive

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends return with a brand new live album, showing off their talents and their skills.

“Captured City,” is something else all together. It harmonizes well, it shifts through the turning screws and brings the crowd together. “Panic In The Streets,” rolls on by delivering the goods with increased ferocity. Showing off just how good this old school band are. “Highway,” gets big crowd participation, and understandably so. It’s a brilliant song. “Believable,” brings out the keyboards, and gets the crowd going as well. Shimmering through the line and producing some truly anthemic stuff. “Keep it Alive,” goes down the dark and dirty, using the fast movements of the guitars to really get things going.

“Mantis Anthem,” gets the crowd to roar. It soars and seers, it produces some fascinating little take aways. “Dream On,” gets reflective and makes the listener truly appreciate just what an achievement it is that Mantis are still going strong after all these years. “Fight For Your Honour,” growls and swaggers, brimming with confidence. “Time Slipping Away,” goes down the fast route and then harmonises big time. What a song and what a crowd to deliver it to. You can hear just how much this means to the crowd. “Children Of The Earth,” finishes things off, with a mighty wallop. A crash, a bang and the epicness is restored completely.

The album is out on 6th December via Frontiers Music.

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