House of Shakira-Radiocarbon

“Herd Instinct,” kicks things off with some serious distortion. It shifts into the rhythm of the hunt soon enough and then comes to explosion. The perfect opener. “One Circumstance,” has the big harmonising vocals to open things off, and then moves into a shifting and turning song with big fat melodies. “Not Alone,” gets a darker edge, with the drums pounding some serious carnage. The guitars bring the old school rock and roll hell to the fore. “Radiocarbon,” the title track on the record is filled with the big sweeping choral structures that have made House of Shakira such a standout band. “A Tyrant’s Tale,” gets the eastern influence in quite well. It shimmers through the structures and changes the line of things allowing for the great sweltering to occur. “Delusion,” takes a turn at the wheel. Slowing things down to allow the groove and the big thumping riffs to take over.

“Save Yourself,” is a big harmoniser, that is oozing with melody and class. “Sweet Revenge,” goes big on the hammers and slowly shifts the keys and turns the screws just that little bit more. “Scavenger Lizard,” goes down heavy, turning and twisting. Slowly bringing itself to completion with some fantastic melody work. “Like A Fool,” roars into the darkness and echoes through the filtered process, smacking the ground into the dust. “Falling Down,” slows things down and brings the awesomeness to a close.

The album is out on 6th December via Frontiers Music.

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