Edge of Forever-Native Soul

“Three Rivers,” starts with the acapella harmonies that truly show off the talent of the band. Setting the listener up for something quite delightful. “Native Soul,” gets going with a brilliantly executed riff, shifting through the tones and adding a serious edge here and there. There’s a slight roar in the way the vocals are shaped, and the phrasing of everything is truly well executed. “Promised Land,” gets all sonic and grand, the keys filter through the big old melodies, the land twists and turns around it. The band are quite tight on this song and it shows. “Carry On,” gets a bit eclectic, going through a different strand here and there. The riffs are a galloping insanity of perfection. “Take Your Time,” swaggers completely, filtering through the nonsense and just cutting loose quite completely. “Dying Sun,” goes that extra mile, filtering through the lands and the times. An epic song crafted magnificently.

“Shine,” a song that echoes through the stratosphere, backed up on the wings of the night. The piano melodies are simply beautiful. “I Made Myself What I Am,” gallops and swaggers through with confidence of the self assured. It tones through the passageways and brings the listener fully into the light. “War,” growls, bringing the heaviness fully into focus. It doesn’t shimmer, it stampedes through and ensures the listener knows just what is happening. “Wash Your Sins Away,” is an eclectic mix of melodies and time pieces. Combining the differing strands of time to ensure the world flows. “Ride With The Wind,” gets darker, more sinister and in some respects, downright terrifying.

The album is out on 6th December via Frontiers Music.

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