Celesti Alliance-Hybrid Generation

“Celestial Law,” is something new and fascinating. It works well as the opening track on this album precisely because it weaves its way through the melodies and sets the scene nicely for the listener. “Fierce and Free,” moves with strength through the tightening of the chord, it works through the pain and the anger and delivers something quite powerful. “Shadow Children,” hits hard. A mighty song that deserves to be heard at full volume, this is a song that will get people going with might and pleasure. “Broken Memories,” moves hard. The riffs are on point, the vocals are tight and the song just screams perfection.

“Solitude,” is haunting and in some respects, downright heavy. It is a fascinating song with a multifaceted approach. “Incomplete,” simmers up and delivers a smack and grab through the throat of the listener. “Louder Power,” is an anthem. This is sure to be a song that brings the crowd to its feet during shows. “Hybrid Generation,” the title track and the longest one is simply epic. The perfect way to finish the record.

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