A New Tomorrow-Universe

“I Wanna Live,” starts with the fusing of melodies and the chiming of the clock. It gradually gets heavier before moving into complete legendary territory and delivering something quite impressive. “A Million Stars,” has a huge riff. The bass comes in strong and delivers something quite impressive. The band are jamming quite tightly on this melody, bringing through the twisting strands. “Golden Sands,” brings about a shift in the key, bringing a vibrant pulse. It soon gets heavier and more aggressive, showing off the range and power within the band. “Ignition,” is a straight ahead balls out rocker that flaunts what it’s got. “Mother Earth is Calling,” goes through the visions and then unleashes the madness one step at a time. “Mountains,” shimmers within the light, brimming filled with confidence and then adding a slight darkness to the vocal key.

“Step Into The Wild,” goes into it, right from the get go. The song titillates between soft and acoustic, and heaviness incarnate. “Home,” gets the acoustic edges out in full force, slowly building into a crescendo that weaves around through the nice little plaits of chaos. “Multitude of Nothing,” goes down the fast and heavy route, and executes it quite well. “Universe,” is slowly bringing the melodies together and allowing for a soothing rise and fall. “Abrasive,” roars on the edge and demands attention that instantly grows.

The album is out on 6th December via Frontiers Music.

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