Oath of Cruelty Summary Execution at Dawn

Death Thrash is a new concept that combines the two genres of metal together into a nice tasty little sandwich. Oath of Cruelty are one of the finest proponents of this little mix up and their new album is a tasty treat.

“Pounding Hooves of Shrapne,” gets going right from the gate, it shreds it snarls and it bites. Everything is a furious rush of emotion and chaos, that gets the listener immediately hooked. “Stabbing Forth,” is another grounding pummeller. It takes and takes, leaving the listener with nothing but the desire for more. “Through Alchemy and Killing,” a song that snaps with the best of them. Roaring through the turning foundations of madness. It allows the listener to headbang in every urge they might have. “Pathogenic Winds of Swarm,” roars through the turning and shifting melodical landscape. “Into the Chamber of Death,” bites down hard.

“At The Tyrant’s Behest,” is cold and torturous. It is like a siren’s call to the drowning sailors, and reminds the listener of the dark times ahead. “Victory Rites,” is another song that truly goes for it, bringing the brim to the fullest. “Denied Birth,” snaps and crackles with the best. “Summary Execution At Dawn,” the title track snaps like a monster and delivers the flatlines.

The album is out on 9th December via Dark Descent Records.

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