Mystic Prophecy-Metal Division

Heavy metal legends Mystic Prophecy return with a new record that is sure to set the stage alight.

“Metal Division,” starts with a battering drum sound and as the song progresses that feeling of epicness continues. The guitars weave through and tell the story as the vocals produce the boastfulness of the loudness and pride of metal. “Eye To Eye,” becomes an absolute rager, turning the screws through. Those riff machines work into overtime, producing something that is quite possibly face meltingly good. “Hail to the King,” starts off slowly, growing in strength and power as it progresses. This is simply epic, you can imagine the crowd going nuts when this song is performed live. “Here Comes The Winter,” is haunting. A song that starts off with a chilling melody, before slowly growing into a monster of a song. It grows in epicness, brimming full with some sweltering riffs and powerful vocal lines. “Curse of the Slayer,” is a story and a half. A song that veers from one end to the other and damages the listener’s ears with the loudness that one needs to use to listen to get the full scope of its awesomeness. “Dracula,” gallops and swaggers through on the big ol red.

“Together We Fall,” rages with the best of them. It truly gets going, smashing through the doors and brimming with confidence of a hundred thousand sons. “Die With the Hammer,” is the warrior’s song. A song that anyone with pride will listen to loudly and make it their own. This is a song that deserves to be played loudly and sung aloud to at full capacity. “Reincarnation,” takes a turn here and there. It grows with the telling and ensures the listener knows just what is what. Perfectly fitted together for maximum impact. “Mirror of A Broken Heart,” goes the whole hog and delivers a song that is impactful on multiple levels, really levelling the field completely. “Victory Is Mine,” finishes things off nicely with a nice little riff sandwich.

This album is an absolute rager, you’d be an idiot not to get it when it comes out on January 10th via Rock of Angels Records.

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