Leah-Ancient Winter

Christmas is soon to be upon us. And alongside the turkeys-yum- the mince pies-also yum- there is going to be some terrible Christmas music, including the usual shit X-Factor single. Leah however, changes that completely with her new album Ancient Winter, the theme might be winter, but the songs are perfection enscapulated.

“The Whole World Summons,” starts on the strings. It moves into a slight tinge, an almost Gaelic melody filters through, as the song progresses. The instrumentation sets up the melodies perfectly. There’s a very real sense that this is a song to get the loudest airplay. Perfectly done. “Light of the World,” gets a bit darker, slightly more eastern sounding, with that nice little shimmer and flourish. Leah’s vocals are perfectly done here once more. A call to arms, a sense of unity, and for some joyous times. “Upon Your Destiny,” takes some serious edges here and there. The vocals are filled with chilling vibrato and melody. They weave themselves in and out, bringing together a real sense of collection and almost joy. “Redemption,” is a song that contains one of the most sing along melodies on the record. That little trill is something that makes this one of the best songs on this record. Which is saying something because all the songs on this record are insanely good.

“The Messenger,” gets a little reflective and visual. It goes through the highs and the lows, and allows the listener to truly think on what they’ve just heard and where they want things to go next. “Gaudete,” a song that starts softly, works its way through the movements. The instrumentation works well to bring things together. There’s a slight twist in the mix that allows for it to truly flourish, and Leah is as always perfect. Vocally and melodically. “Puer Natus,” has a sense of the ol’ drinking song around Christmas time, and the vocals match this perfectly. “Noel Nouvelet,” finishes things off perfectly. Easing into the finale whilst finishing off with a flourish.

The album is out on 15th November via Ex Cathedra Records. You won’t want to miss it!

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