Human Fortress-Reign of Gold

They are legends in the field of metal, and now Human Fortress return with a brand spanking new album entitled Reign of Gold.

“Imminence,” is dark and foreboding. It sets the scene perfectly, with dramatic orchestral flourishes, and turns and twists, here and there. “Thunder,” is dramatic and powerful. The right way to start off an album, with a seering vocal line that turns through and out. The guitars and the drums are locked tight, bringing strength from the ground up. And that chorus, well what can be said about the chorus but that it is simply awesome! “Reign of Gold,” is the title track of this record. You can see why, it is thunderous. It gallops and soars, bringing a bite of the line through and throughout. A twist in the normal narrative, the verses are huge and the chorus is the normal pay off, but with that added vein of something else entirely thrown in for great measure. “Lucifer’s Waltz,” ventures to one side of the podium and then the other. It truly adds a dimension within the listener’s thinking. The guitars are dark and foreboding, the vocals taunting and menacing. Everything is set to be just right. “Bullet of Betrayal,” has that Musketeer like quality. The orchestration is highly on point, the guitars move with a searing quality that brings together the mind of the journeys through stories old and new. The vocals narrate a story that brings to mind the title and makes the listener get invested throughout. “Shining Light,” is simply epic. It starts slowly, but gradually gets grander and grander. It flows through the tempest and allows the mind to swirl.

“Surrender,” starts off ominously. It has that sweet, sweet, duel guitar melody that really lets you know that this song is going to be epic. As it progresses, the initial impression is not wrong. This song is a monster. An absolute beast that will be a pleasure to see live. You’ll know when you listen to it 😉 “The Blacksmith,” gallops on the back of a ledge. It shimmers through, and snaps like a beast, turning through and allowing the listener to get the basic feel of the melody and swing along with the crazy. “Martial Valor,” is really medieval. And that’s the point, it brings to mind the warrior, the code of the warrior and how we can all strive for that. “Legion of the Damned,” snaps like thunder. It bites one way and then the next, snarling through on a twisting wind that delivers something quite exciting and fearless. “Victory,” gets going, on the mighty road to the joyous land. This is a fine closer, and you should all bask in it.

Reign of Gold is out on 6th December via AFM Records. Do yourself a favour and get it.

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