Parkway Drive Announce New Documentary

Photo Credit: Parkway Drive

Australian big wigs Parkway Drive have announced that they will be releasing a new documentary entitled ‘Viva The Underdogs,’ in January, 2020. The documentary will be shown in selected theatres in Australia on January 22nd.

Viva The Underdogs’  includes over a decade of behind the scenes personal footage of the band on tour, thus giving fans a truly honest and candid look the band’s journey from the ‘underdogs’ of the metal scene to headliners of some of the world’s biggest metal festivals, and prime contenders for legendary status.

Vocalist, Winston McCall explains: “For over 15 years we have stayed true to ourselves in a world of extremes. We are not the story of shooting star superstardom, we are not the overnight breakout success, we will never be viral and we sure as hell won’t break the internet. 

“But we have a vision, and we have lived for it, worked for it, bled for it, grown for it and broken for it. We have sacrificed everything and compromised nothing. This is an honest insight into what it takes to survive as the underdogs. Thank you for being part of the story”.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary below:

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