Tragedy In Hope-Smile At Death

This is one creepy as all hell album. From the start to the finish, you know the band mean business.

“Alone In The Woods,” is haunting, and veers between terrifying to horrifying. The melodical work is on point, and as the song really gets into being, chills run up the listener’s arms. “Smile At Death,” goes for the heaviness angle next. Turning the riffage up several notches, the vocals are biting and downright terrifying.

“Pierce The Heavens,” takes another jaunt through the summering visions of hell. Bringing some fascinating little chordal arrangements and then breaking it all out into one. “Grim Love Story,” is epic, the orchestral sounding tone of the guitars and the instrumentation really makes things sound fascinating.

The self release is out on 22nd November.

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