Invictus’ barnstorming new album Eden has quite the collection within it. An album that is sure to win the band a lot of new fans.

“Intro/The Hammer,” goes from soft and melodic to pure rager. The riffs are filled with energy and the melodies weave themselves together quite nicely, shifting the tenor and allowing for the vocals to really kick in. This is a strong opener and a song that will go down an absolute treat when performed live. “Inside Your Head,” thunders into being. The riff exchanges are phenomenal, they really work their into being, turning the screws one way and then another, before unleashing chaos overall. Another great song. “The Garden Of Eden,” is an absolute baller of a song. It turns this way and that, shimmering about the place, whilst working on the overdrive completely. The vocals narrate a story and really allow the listener to be immersed within the song. “Through The Storm,” gallops on the pathways to prominence. It starts off with pounding drums and continues down the descent into madness. The guitars are on point throughout. “Thought Of An Idea,” is sure to get mosh pits going when performed live. It is a fast moving song that brings some serious epicness in the vocals, turning and twisting around the barrelling edges.

“Livin’ In The Future,” is another rolling thunder of a song, it twists and turns. Bringing together numerous complex melodies and allowing for something else to develop within the workings of the world. A perfect middle song. “Styx,” is slow, haunting and melodic. Bringing together all the best elements from the past and working them together to ensure there’s growth and change. “Break The Chains,” gallops and swaggers, there’s a real “Children of the Grave,” vibe about the song that just makes it all the more encouraging. It has an anthem like feeling to it, one can definitely imagine the song becoming a fan favourite when performed live. “Insomnia,” takes a turn here and there, shifting the focus and allowing for some serious duelling guitars to work their way into being. This is then followed by a wrecking ball in the form of the vocals that really take their turns into the stratosphere. “Empire,” finishes things off. A simply epic song and one that truly brings things to an epic conclusion.

The album is out via Iron Shield Records on 24th January, 2020, you won’t want to miss it!

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