Hot Off The Press: Toronto Blessings-Asleep E.P.

Toronto Blessings offer you some moments of musical solace betwixt the constant battery of modern life. Combining elements of Post Punk, Alt.Rock, Noise and all this with a with an injection of pulsating synth buzz.
It’s a generous amount of noise with a helping of hooks, creating a deadly wall of sound. Grabbing airplay along the way, they were described by BBC Radio 6’s legend Tom Robinson as ‘an all out sonic assault’.

It’s live where Toronto Blessings truly make their mark on you. Incendiary performances and ear drum shattering volume will leave you simultaneously dancing and deaf. You should accept the inevitability of the end. Step forward and be blessed.

Speaking on their new E.P. Asleep, the band had this to say:

“Asleep is the culmination of 6 months of hard work for Toronto Blessings. Over the 7 tracks it showcases every side to the band. From pulsating Synth, driving bass, to screaming walls of noise, all kept together with bigger hooks than Quint. Lyrically the band arent afraid to deal with dark subject matter but they always try to offer hope. We would love it if they were the catalyst for someone feeling they were able to talk about having a hard time. It was recorded very quickly with the bulk of the tracks being recorded over 2 days. Renowned producer Jason Sanderson (Rolo Tomassi, Brontide, Bodyhound) was at the helm again and captured the music exactly to what we wanted to achieve. The production is clean and crisp and when the layers of noise cascade into each other on the end of the title track Asleep it’s a perfect apocalyptic cacophony to soundtrack the demise of human civilisation.” 

Listen to the E.P. here:

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