“Iconoclasm Omega,” comes in with the barrelling rage of chaos. It unfurls the standard and goes from there. Twisting the shrapnel and unleashing all hell from the get go. “Self Mutilation,” turns another way, bringing together something both new and terrifying. Reflecting the dark state of the world, in shimmers on the brink before creating the carving of the end. “Stab Wounds,” is heavy on the riff, turning the brimming content through and through. Allowing the growth of the mind to slowly shift into balance. “When 1000 Crypts Awake,” is another barrelling song that turns around and brings something on the barrage. “Despise The Living,” a filtering of the sound, bringing together a shifting tone of riffs and filtering in and around. “A Midnight Poem,” goes easier on the ears but still brings intensity.

“Rest In Oblivion,” goes hard. It’s a song that takes some time to get used, but when it delivers, boy does it do so strongly. “Vanitas,” gets slightly haunting and somewhat twisted. It brings together elements of the band’s previous work and twists it into being with a nicety that others might well have lacked. “Like A Somnambulist In Daylight’s Fire,” is a slow burn a song that brings together the elements into one powerful raging machine. “Sleep,” goes fuzzy and turns the raging cynics into moshing monsters. “Endtime,” is a fitting closer. Filled with potential and eschewing the norms it rages onto the ending of the world.

The re-release is out on 22nd November via Century Media Records with a new album expected in 2020.

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